Security Systems


As a Securi client, we are pleased to offer the latest in surveillance technology through UAS as well as UGS. We provide Aerial as well as Ground systems complete with a command and control centre and indigenous Mission Controller (Autopilot). We provide an extensive set of systems, services and information-delivery products to ensure our customer achieve the tailored solution they require.

Our below mentioned systems provide high definition surveillance, along with thermal imaging for low visibility environments (smokey environments, night time, etc.), early fire detection and mitigation, geological survey, and mapping to count a few applications. Additionally, all our systems provide the user or client with online steaming and live streaming opportunities to monitor their place of work or home at a moment’s notice.

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Our aerial systems come in many forms, capable of flight times from 90 minutes for our base model, up till 20 hours of flight time for our sophisticated system.

Our systems can be hand launched and/or catapult launched, without any need for runway or landing strip. Additionally, with our autonomous flight controller, operators require no previous experience of drones or radio controlled systems. Our systems can operate in tandem, providing total dynamic surveillance, or as a rapid response system.

Unmanned Ground Systems (UGS)

Our "Vision UGV” is a gyro-stabilised electric unmanned vehicle that carries sophisticated surveillance sensors and can be driven autonomously or remotely controlled by an operator through wireless communication.

The heart of the UGV is onboard autopilot that controls the vehicle and performs all functions, stabilises and drives the vehicle and performs autonomous navigation on ground with Obstacle Avoidance System (OAS).